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National Environment Month

National Environment Month 2015 FB

As June is National Environment Month, we at #‎Midek have decided to serve our community by going on a clean up drive to collect and remove all the rubbish that has accumulated on the sidewalks and streets around our stores. Take a look at the images to see our team from Midek Paint cleaning the streets.

If every company spent a small time on community service, such as cleaning their neighbourhoods, the litter problem would quickly be under control and we would all be living in cleaner areas.

So this is our call to ACTION! Ask your boss to get your company to spend an hour or two in July to go out and clean up your surrounding area. Post pictures of your team cleaning up with #‎MidekPaintChallenge and we will share them across our social media and website.

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Midek Paint Direct is a member of SAPMA, MBA and FASA. 

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