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Randburg Clinic School

On Saturday 7th June 2014, we had the privilege of undertaking our first (hopefully of many) projects with the Randburg Clinic School in Ferndale, Randburg. The school and Resource Centre seeks to educate Learners requiring high intensity support in terms of behavioural disorders. Their resources are integrated into the District Based Support Team that provides support in curriculum, assessment and instruction to schools in the district. The specialised professional support provided by the Resource Centre includes the training of teachers regarding barriers to learning, developing material for learning support, management of inclusive classrooms, guidance to parents and life skills programmes to make Learners with barriers less vulnerable to abuse. logo clinic 2The first part of the project was the railings and walkway at the entrance of the school. The rust had set in and it was in serious need of a repaint. The Midek Direct team volunteered to sand down, primer and paint the walkway.

While they were busy with the walkway, we were able to train the onsite ground staff on how to properly paint the perimeter palisade fencing. All the paint has been donated and the bright blue is sure to make a huge difference to the look of the school.

Paint was also donated for the painting of the jungle gyms and swings around the school. Volunteer parents and community members joined in to get all the painting done and the playground is now looking wonderful!

Thanks so much to our staff and the other volunteers who helped to get the painting done.



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