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Little Falls entrance Cleanup

IMG 1175We had a cleanup project near our Weltevreden outlet in Little Falls on the August the 13th 2016 where we helped the community out with a cleanup at the corner of Cascades and Hendrik Potgieter we thank everyone that drove by and stopped that gave support as well as the community forums that gave us space to post on their social media platforms.


National Environment Month

National Environment Month 2015 FB

As June is National Environment Month, we at #‎Midek have decided to serve our community by going on a clean up drive to collect and remove all the rubbish that has accumulated on the sidewalks and streets around our stores. Take a look at the images to see our team from Midek Paint cleaning the streets.

If every company spent a small time on community service, such as cleaning their neighbourhoods, the litter problem would quickly be under control and we would all be living in cleaner areas.

So this is our call to ACTION! Ask your boss to get your company to spend an hour or two in July to go out and clean up your surrounding area. Post pictures of your team cleaning up with #‎MidekPaintChallenge and we will share them across our social media and website.

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Midek Paint Trailer Launch

Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th September saw the introduction of our new MIDEK PAINT Contractor trailer at the Randridge Mall in Western Gauteng.
The unique  trailer forms part of the MIDEK PAINT CONTRACTORS  Franchise, and helps with the  transport  of paint and equipment to you, and means
the painter has access to a bathroom, without needing to come into your home.
Call us for a free quotation and see how much we can save you on your next paint job with our superior quality paint and expertise.

MIDEK Trailer1

MIDEK Trailer2

Newcomer of the Year Award (FASA)

And the Winner is… MIDEK PAINT DIRECT!


Midek Paint Direct has been honoured by FASA (Franchise Association of South Africa) and we have been awarded with the "Newcomer Franchisor of the Year" award. It is a great honour and shows that the hard work Midek Paint have put in, is paying off.

"We are very excited and humbled that we, among the sea of other franchises, have been singled out and selected by FASA."

The Newcomer Franchisor of the Year category honours the innovative entrepreneurship of new entrants into the franchise fold. It celebrates those entrepreneurs who are in tune with shifts in demographics, lifestyles and workplaces and who throw that first stone that will undoubtedly cause the ripple effect in consumer markets and be the next big franchise brand.

It has long been our plan to make our mark in the marketplace and this latest achievement affirms our goals. We are headed in the right direction and hope to continue with this momentum into the future. Both Midek Paint Direct and Midek Paint Contractors will become a industry and household name where customer service excellence and consistent quality paint are required.

We of course wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our customers, both new and old. We would like to thank our customers not only for making use of our products and services but for also spreading the word of our franchise branches to your suppliers and friends. Midek Paint Direct and Midek Paint Contractors will continue to offer the same standard of service and quality that you have become accustomed to.





Randburg Sun - 27 June 2014

A great day out with the Midek Paint team, painting at the Randburg Clinic School.


Article in the Randburg Sun published 27 June 2014 by Boitumelo Mmakou

School gets a Fresh Coat

 Randburg Clinic School in Ferndale, is a haven for children between the ages of seven & 12 years who suffer from severe behavioural difficulties. The clinic received help from local business who painted and renovated it on 7 June.

Werner Botha, founding director of Midek Paint Direct, offered to paint the school and gave advice and paint supplies.

“I was excited about training the existing maintenance team at the school to correctly prepare, treat and paint the school alongside our professional team. It felt good to pass on our knowledge. Our company will always be on hand to give advice,” said Botha.

Claus Kuhl, director at Midek Paint Direct said, “It is an honour to adopt the clinic school and supply them with free labour and materials. We see this as a long-term opportunity”.

Parent Chrishenda van Huyssteen said the school community will always welcome any help from the public as there is often a challenge to maintain the school. “People assume that we are well off because of the area the school is located in, but the problem is most of the pupils come from disadvantaged places,” added Huyssteen.

Ronald Bachelor, Randburg Clinic School principal said the main purpose of initiatives such as these is to get the community to know about the school and be involved and help with the school activities. “We are very grateful to Midek Paint Direct and Fireworks designs for their support,” expressed Bachelor.

Details: 011 886 1280  |  www.randburgclinicschool.co.za

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Midek Paint Direct is a member of SAPMA, MBA and FASA. 

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